Facebook Graph Search to make Google shake in its boots?

Is Graph Search the Google killer Facebook has been searching for? 

Facebook’s new Graph Search feature – which was announced tonight – could be powerful enough to “make Google quake in its massive boots”, claims one industry analyst.

Ernest Doku, technology expert at uSwitch.com, says the social networking website is a bottomless pit of constantly-updated user information – and knowledge is power.

Facebook Graph Search box my friends who like trail running

“Facebook is more than a social network, it’s a colossal data resource, and its global omniscience should be enough to make even search giant Google quake in its massive boots,” Doku said following the launch.

“Fortunately for Google, Graph Search isn’t designed to take on web search. It’s a personal, user-friendly and, we are told, ‘privacy aware’, way to answer queries and track people down more easily.”

However, Doku warned that Facebook must prioritise security above all else, or risk alienating or losing users.

Graph Search is, in his opinion, the logical next step for Facebook. However, he pointed out that it is only as reliable and useful as the tags people use and most people don’t regularly update things such as their favourite films lists, for example.

“Because the extent of Graph Search is limited by security settings, it will probably result in users finding that responses to their queries are not as useful as hoped. This is particularly true for the clued-up younger Facebook generation, many of whom have tight security settings on their profiles,” he concluded.

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