Kogeto dot camera accessory for iPhone 4 and 4S: Review

A hands-on review of the Kogeto dot camera accessory for Apple iPhone 4 and 4S… 

How best to describe the Kogeto dot? Its packaging has a pretty good go, calling it the “pocket friendly 360-degree panoramic video thingy”. And that sort of sums it up, given that it’s a snap-on accessory for Apple’s iPhone that captures video all around its fish-eye-style lens.

Compatible with iPhone 4 and 4S, the box also has a good go at telling you how simple it is to use. The three steps listed are: attach to your iPhone 4; get Looker app (it’s free); start shooting & sharing 360-degree video.

Kogeto dot camera accessory for Apple iPhone 4 and 4S Review

As you can see from our first film shot with the dot, it’s a tiny bit more complicated than that three-step programme makes out. Once you’ve downloaded the app onto your iPhone 4/4S, you need to open it up and line up the lens. Instead, we tried to shoot without bothering to check the ‘help’ instructions for how to do this properly and the results weren’t great. Our ceiling isn’t really beneath the floor.

Kogeto dot for Apple iPhone 4 and 4S Review mistake

Screengrab: The app software needs to be matched up with the lens to capture video properly

A quick change of the settings and we’re properly configured to shoot 360-degree coverage. As you can see from this second clip, lay the phone flat on your hand with the camera accessory facing up and you capture everything that’s going on around you. Once uploaded, click and drag the video footage as it’s playing and you can see people walking next to you and view the whole of the street.

Kogeto dot for Apple iPhone 4 and 4S Review snow

Screengrab: The lens properly aligned in the software

The Kogeto dot also comes with a case made of thin material to carry it around with you. This will stop the lens getting scratched but it won’t stop the plastic snapping, so you will still need to be careful when putting it in your pocket or a bag.

While it might seem a bit gimmicky, imagine putting your phone down in the middle of a children’s party or a family meal and knowing everyone gets their turn in the video spotlight? Or sitting in a football match and capturing the goal *and* the celebration of the crowd as the ball ripples the net? In certain situations, the Kogeto dot accessory could be the killer kit your iPhone needs to capture the perfect video.