Comment: Three’s manifesto flies in the face of the 4G pricing

Ernest Doku, telecoms expert at, offers his thoughts on Three’s pledge to offer customers ultrafast 4G LTE services as a no-cost upgrade… 

Ernest Doku telecoms expert at uSwitch“While gadget-loving early adopters might be prepared to pay a premium for superfast data on their mobile at the moment, pricing will have to be competitive to attract mainstream smartphone users. Once 4G becomes available on more networks, more services require it and more devices launch the race to the bottom is likely to intensify.

“Much like the introduction of unlimited mobile data with the One Plan back in 2010, Three‘s move could really force the other networks to reconsider how they price their own forthcoming 4G deals.

“That being said, there’s nothing stopping Three from putting tariff prices up across the board ahead of a 4G roll-out, so it’s still a waiting game before we find out the true cost of super-fast mobile data in the UK.”


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