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The Banish Bag by Versapak 570
Unii com student social network 570

Unii.com student social network heads back to Facebook’s roots

Unii.com allows UK students with a university email address to sign up to an exclusive social network, just as Facebook did when it first launched…  A new online social network…

Star Trek Into Darkness Acer UK Facebook Competition 570

Star Trek Into Darkness competition: Acer blasts off Facebook promotion

JJ Abrams’ Star Trek Into Darkness hits cinemas this week and Acer has signed up as a fully fledged member of the Federation… 

Facebook Graph Search box my friends who like trail running 570

Facebook Graph Search to make Google shake in its boots?

Is Graph Search the Google killer Facebook has been searching for? 

Facebook Graph Search announcement Mark Zuckerberg CEO video 570

Facebook Graph Search: An explanation

Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg has launched a new search function called Graph Search. Read the explanation below… 

Facebook website on an Apple iPad 570

Facebook launches Graph Search

Facebook announces Graph Search function…