Unii.com student social network heads back to Facebook’s roots

Unii.com allows UK students with a university email address to sign up to an exclusive social network, just as Facebook did when it first launched… 

A new online social network plans to cater to the needs of students by putting them exclusively in touch with other students (and, it seems, making sure no-one else can see what they’re up to).

Unii com student social network

Checking out the About Us page at Unii.com, the site offers the following features:

Exclusive to students
Life at university is pretty great, so we understand why you need a closed environment to share those precious moments.

Share. Your style.
Take back control and share how you want, to whom you want. Share with your friends, re-share with your entire university or even talk to the UK student population in its whole.

Students. Everywhere.
Find out what students are talking about, all over the UK. Discover the latest trends & topics, and join the conversation.

Student benefits
We are working on your behalf to release a Jobsboard, where employers can post graduate jobs, and an ‘Offers’ page, where locals can post deals and discounts for students. We are working hard to make Unii your one-stop-shop for everyday student life.

Marco Nardone is the founder and CEO of the site, while Manoj Chawla serves as chief technical officer.

The Holmes Report recently announced that Unii.com has appointed specialist technology PR agency EML Wildfire to promote its UK launch. “Using its consumer expertise, EML Wildfire will drive campaigns and messages that directly appeal to the student population,” the website said.

Will it take off? In the same way that most new religions fail in the first year, thatgadgetthing reckons the first 12 months of any new social network are key.

Hopefully we’ll still be posting about Unii.com on 9 May 2014…