Banish Bags aim to give the gadgets a break

Banish Bag sends your gadgets on a mini-break… 

We’ve heard of people having Facebook holidays – closing down their accounts temporarily to take a break from the stress of always on social media – but you know our internet-connected age has gone a step too far when you have to relegate your gadgets to a time-out.

Yet that’s just what Banish Bags are designed to do. They’ve been created by Versapak, a supplier of tamper evident packaging, and they are the company’s first consumer product.

The Banish Bag by Versapak close up on seal

“Banish Bag aim to offer an entertaining solution to gadget addiction and other annoying bad habits relating to technology, a spokesman says.

“With the popularity of smartphones, tablets and handheld games consoles ever increasing, the team behind Banish Bags hope to persuade people to give their gadgets a break.”

It works using a clever little seal that locks away the temptation of texting, surfing and doing pointless stuff to avoid eye contact.

The seal allows you to see if someone has been sneaky, or will give you away if you’ve given in to your tech addiction.

And you can tell if the bag has been broken into, because you can’t get into a Banish bag without cracking that seal.

Versapak has even put unique numbers on each seal so that they can’t be replaced with no-one knowing.

Bags start from £15 in a range of colours, or from £22 if you want to personalise them with a message on the front, such as: “Put Me Down, Matt!”